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FBA Prep Services 
for Amazon Sellers


We offer comprehensive FBA prep services
to Amazon sellers for reasonable fees.

A quality prep center matters!

Amazon sellers pride themselves in offering their customers with quality goods. Your online rating and reputation are important to you and your business, therefore FBA preparation is an important part of your business. When this component isn’t completed properly, your customers may receive a damaged item. This most likely results in negative feedback that can impact your metrics and drag down your listings.  Furthermore, the impact of consistent negative feedback and poor ratings could result in suspension of your Amazon account.

Having a quality prep center do the grunt work can SAVE you time, thus allowing you to focus on finding new products to GROW your business. It can also save you THOUSANDS of dollars in refunds and lost sales. 

Save time and grow!

Save yourself time and money by having your products sent directly from the supplier to us!  BundleOne can receive "pretty much anything" including pallets suitable for lift gates.

What do we offer?

BundleOne™ offers comprehensive product prep services for Amazon FBA sellers. We're your one stop shop; receiving, bundling, labeling and sending to Amazon. 

Our core BundleOne service is offered on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and includes UNLIMITED FNSKU Labels.

International growth!

Reach 165+ Million Amazon Prime users in the US market. With our 'round the clock' operations, we are a great fit for international sellers looking to grow exponentially. We work with clients in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and more!

Lean More

Our Process

We simplify things! That’s what we do best. Our process may look complex, but we know it inside

and out. We make it so easy that all you have to do is sit back and watch your business grow.
















Once you complete enrollment, we will update your account so you can gain access to the prep center portal. This portal will be your eyes and ears when it comes to where your product is in the process. It's updated real time, so at any given moment you will have a finger on the pulse.

  1. Complete your intake form online.

  2. We receive your shipment
           •  We can receive products from any distributer/supplier and can receive shipments
                via FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS or LTL pallet delivery.

  3. Inspect
           • We will visually inspect your delivery before accepting it from the
               service provider. This ensures your product isn't damaged and
               maximizes your bundle potential. 

  4. Verify 
           • We’ll verify your order against your intake form and compare your
                shipment with your initial order.
           • Open boxes, count unit(s) and compare what was received to prep order.

  5. Create shipping plan in your Seller Central account.

  6. Verify Amazon Requirements
           • We will verify all the requirements imposed by Amazon for your products
               (labeling, poly bagging, bubble wrap, etc.)

  7. Print your FNSKU(s)

  8. Verify and approve Amazon distribution center shipments*

  9. Print out SKU List for each shipment Prep all units according to Amazon requirements**

  10. Prepped units will then be boxed according to Amazon shipping SKU list.

  11. Each box will be weighed and measured.

  12. Ship!


* If Manufacturer barcode tracking is allowed, make sure that barcode is visible, and it is clear units are individual and not bundled. If FNSKU is required, use FNSKU sticker to cover any current UPC barcode. If Polybag is required, then a suffocation warning will either be printed on the bag or an additional sticker with the suffocation warning will be added. If both polybag and FNSKU are required, then a decision will be made on where to place the FNSKU sticker for best visibility with least risk of the sticker peeling off while still obscuring other barcodes as needed. If Bubble wrap is required then care will be made with regards to barcode visibility. ** Product able to be shipped UPS will have labels printed from Seller Central. Both FBA and UPS labels will be added to each box and shipped, Products not able to be shipped UPS will be sent USPS. If this occurs, we will need you to provide access to your account where you have enabled billing to your credit card for postage. We will then print the FBA label from Seller Central, the USPS label from and the place the USPS tracking number into Seller Central. All boxes will then be shipped via USPS. For large shipments (over 150 lbs.) that are not time sensitive we can build pallets for LTL Shipment. This normally takes longer for products to be received at FBA but can be cost saving at a certain volume. Prep center services are provided by Medallion  707 Timpanogos Parkway, Ste. M1300, Orem, UT 84097.

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