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How do I get a 1099 from Amazon and file my income tax?

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My customer is asking for an invoice. What do I do?

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Amazon 2022 Holiday Calendar: The Most

Important Dates for FBA Sellers

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Kev Seely    |    Updated: June 16th, 2022 10:17:53 AM

Global supply chain issues, out of stock products, ongoing storage issues, pandemic-induced shifts in consumer behavior and lack of proper staffing all play a role in the roller coaster FBA sellers have experienced. In order for you to properly prepare and to avoid any bottle necks at Amazon, it's important to be aware of deadlines associated with your store. 


As a business owner, you're always in "strategic planning mode" and looking ahead to capitalize on eCommerce milestones such as major holidays or events that boost consumer sales. As you plan the big question is "when should I have my inventory sent to Amazon?" 

Well, no need to panic! The ALGO Team is one step ahead and has those deadlines available for you.


Spring Holiday Season


Memorial Day

Father’s Day

Independence Day

Prime Day

Back to School

Labor Day

Holiday Season

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Valentine’s Day


Mar. 1st - Apr. 17th

May 8th

May 30th

June 19th

July 4th

July 12th & 13th

Aug. 1st - Sept. 5th

Sept. 5th

Oct. 1st - Jan. 1st

Oct. 31st

Nov. 25th

Nov. 28th

Feb. 14th, 2023



Jan. 11th

Mar. 19th

Apr. 9th

Apr. 30th

May 14th


June 14th

July 16th

Sept. 3rd

Sept. 3rd

Oct. 21st

Oct. 21st

Dec. 27th

Optimize your Business and Inventory Strategy

Whether you’re currently selling on Amazon or you "thinking about it", ALGO Online Retail can help. We offer world-class support, cutting edge education and state-of-the art tools to help you start selling online or GROW your current online business.  We invite you to check out our Elite Guide Program, a solution tailored to you, your lifestyle and your needs. 

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