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Uncover Hidden Amazon Suppliers: Sofia Tellez Shares Insider Tips for Sellers

Uncover Hidden Amazon Suppliers: Sofia Tellez Shares Insider Tips for Sellers

Many Amazon Sellers have a secret "super power" that would allow them to find and build relationships with great suppliers but few ever realize it! Sofia Tellez from ALGO Online Retail explains the 4 ways you can unlock and Amazon Wholesale Supplier super power for your Amazon business to power less competition, higher profits, and more sales.

Step 1: Leverage Personal & Business Supplier Relationships

One of the quickest paths to Amazon success is utilizing your existing connections. If you know someone with access to brand-name products, seize the opportunity. For instance, if you have a friend who owns a retail store selling beauty products, request their supplier's product list in Excel format with UPC codes and prices. By running this through tools like Profit Hunter, you can identify winning products instantly. This strategy also works if you have a retail store, used to work for a brand, or have connections with suppliers.

Step 2: Analyze and Identify Profitable Products

Utilize tools like Profit Hunter to analyze supplier product lists efficiently. Sophia recommends looking beyond traditional retail items. Drawing from her experience, she shares how a bakery's suppliers offered products like cooking appliances, knife sets, spatulas, and digital scales—items not initially considered for the brick-and-mortar store but turned out to be lucrative on Amazon.

Step 3: Partner or Seek Introductions

Once you identify profitable products, consider partnering with your personal/business relationship or requesting an introduction to their supplier. This approach can fast-track your access to a diverse range of suppliers with products primed for success on Amazon.

Step 4: Explore Local Retail Shops

If you don't have existing relationships, venture into local retail shops. Business owners or their family members often work at the cash register. Establishing connections with these individuals can lead to valuable insights and potential collaborations with their suppliers.

Conclusion: Unlock Your Amazon Business Potential

Sofia Tellez encourages sellers to tap into their personal and business relationships for a fast track to hidden Amazon supplier gold mines. To delve deeper into strategies for starting and growing your Amazon business, join Sofia's free live workshop which will guide you to a wealth of knowledge, offering practical tips that you can apply instantly.



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