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Tim Hellbusch Walks Through How to List Name Brand Products on Amazon Seller Central

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Here at ALGO Online Retail, we teach our students how to source, sell, and list name brand products.

Yes, name brands like Nike, Nintendo, Keurig, Nerf... you name it.

Tim Hellbusch explains how to list a name brand product on seller central and the various restrictions you may come across in our latest YouTube video.

Sometimes Amazon will restrict or "gate" you from selling certain brands. You then have to click "apply to sell" instead of listing the product right away.

There are a couple of ways to get "ungated." Amazon can ask you a series of questions, you provide answers, and if you qualify they will let you sell that product.

Or They will ask you to provide permission from the brand.

Your supplier can provide you with an invoice that serves as permission from the brand as long as it is from an authorized supplier.

Tip: Important question to ask suppliers when contacting them is "Have you worked with Amazon sellers? If yes, do your invoices work to get brand approval?"

The invoice from an authorized supplier gives you permission to sell because the brand has given permission to the supplier to distribute their products.

To watch the full YouTube video, please click here.


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