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Something You Should Know About Amazon Suppliers

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Something you probably haven't thought about yet, but makes total sense when you do...

We have all been there. We’ve worked very hard to find a supplier that will help sustain the business we are looking to create here with ALGO. Sometimes we’ve worked so hard, doing all the research and collecting sales data, that it seems like a godsend when we find a supplier that sends us an item with an amazon link a couple of times a day to make it easier on us. These suppliers usually only sell to Amazon 3rd party sellers like yourself. And this is all well and good to buy product from them, but we want to bring your attention to one little thing before you press send on that purchase order.

As we said before, it’s usually a lot easier to do research on the products that are sent to use by these Amazon focused suppliers for many reasons. However, it’s exactly because they sell primarily to Amazon 3rd party sellers that we want to take extra precaution when analyzing their product. If we are shown a product that has 1,000 units available, and the MOQ is 250, then we have to realize that, even if we do buy the MOQ, there are still 3 other people who could be doing the same thing. This potentially leads to more people showing up on the buy box. You have to remember that their are other people out there who are thinking the same way, and doing the same research that you are in regards to products.

This isn’t to scare you off from using suppliers that sell to 3rd party Amazon sellers. This isn't even necessarily a bad thing, we just want to make sure that you are thinking about the whole market not just yourself, and realize that the products from these suppliers inherently comes with some potential competition. So, when trying to calculate monthly sales, be sure to add couple of extra sellers in your equations to compensate for this eventuality. It might affect some of your buying decisions.

We cover this more on our most recent YouTube video along with how to give your suppliers the respect they deserve. Be sure to check it out!

Keep on selling!


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