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Should You Sell Masks On Amazon During The Pandemic?

Bob Schneck, ALGO Online Retail's lead instructor, says "Don't do it."

Someone asked Bob if it was a good idea to buy $1 Million worth of N95 masks to sell on Amazon.

The simple answer is, it's not.

It is understandable that people want to take advantage of the pandemic to execute an opportunity buy.

The reality is that a lot of suppliers selling these products are not authorized to sell products like masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc.

So what happens is people buy a lot of the product, list it on Amazon, Amazon asks for the supply chain authorization, and then will gate people from selling the product.

Then, the seller is stuck with all the inventory that they can't get rid of.

The risk is much bigger than the reward and it is not necessary.

Selling brand name products that sell year-round, no matter what the conditions are, is much more reliable.


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