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Should I Use The Helium 10 or Keepa Tool When Selling On Amazon?

Helium 10 and Keepa are popular Google Chrome Extension applications for Amazon sellers.

The two apps give data and analytics about products to make research easier. So, which one should Amazon sellers use?

The answer is simple... BOTH!

ALGO Online Retail's lead instructor, Bob Schneck, recommends using the full paid version of Keepa and the free version of Helium 10.

A Keepa subscription costs $17.50 per month, however, Bob Schneck says it is "priceless" because of the information it gives him. There is also a free version, but it does not include all of the features.

Keepa's subscription features include:

  • Comprehensive price history graphs

  • Price drop & availability alerts

  • International price comparisons

  • Daily deals

The price history graphs are displayed on every Amazon product page once the browser extension is installed.

Keepa tracks any Amazon product and sends alerts once the product drops below the desired price.

The app can also compare and track international prices, which is beneficial for Amazon sellers who sell in all of North America or multiple countries' marketplaces.

The daily deals are an overview of recent price drops in the top product categories.

The full version of Helium 10 is very expensive, however, the free version is extremely valuable.

  • Sales rank history charts

  • Revenue Calculator

  • X-ray analysis

  • Competitor's Inventory Level Comparison

The sales rank history chart helps identify if a product's best sellers rank (BSR) is consistent or not. This information is included in the Keepa subscription, but not the free version.

The chart and revenue calculator is displayed on the Amazon product page. The revenue calculator already accounts for the product's FBA fees, so users only have to input the product cost to see their total profit per unit.

The Keepa and Helium 10 charts will show up next to each other if you install both applications.

Helium 10's X-ray analysis feature is incredible. It can be used to analyze one product or a whole page of products. The analysis calculates a product's total revenue, average BSR, average price, number of sales in the last 30 days, and number of reviews.

The X-ray analysis also shows who is winning the buy box for each product when analyzing an entire page of products.

The inventory levels feature reveals the number of units each seller on the listing has in stock. There is a manual way to find out how much inventory a competitor has, but Helium 10's feature does all the heavy lifting and produces the insight much faster.

At the very least, every Amazon seller should use both the free versions of Keepa and Helium 10. Keep in mind though, Amazon FBA expert Bob Schenck recommends paying for a Keepa subscription.

Both applications are extremely valuable and produce different insights that make decision making for Amazon sellers much easier.


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