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How To Compete With Price Droppers In The Amazon Buy Box

Have you ever had a competitor constantly drop the Buy Box price by a penny? Or maybe worse, they just completely drop the Buy Box by 25%?

These Amazon sellers make it very difficult for smart business owners to win the Buy Box and they drive the rest of us crazy!

1. Use an Amazon Repricing Tool like the free tool provided by Amazon,

2. Use Multi-Channel Fulfillment to liquidate your product,

3. Just Be Patient! (our favorite strategy)

We recently posted a video about our favorite strategy (Just Be Patient) on YouTube. You can watch it here:

There are three steps to the Just Be Patient strategy;

Step 1: See how much inventory the "price dropper" has left (use the 999 trick)

Step 2: Set your price at the historical Buy Box price (based on Keepa)

Step 3: Wait for the "price dropper" to sell out

Step 4: Start making sales at your set price (and a profit!)


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