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Can I Use A PO Box For My Amazon Seller Account?

"Can I Use A PO Box For My Amazon Seller Account?"

The short answer is "Yes", but we DO NOT recommend you use a PO Box for your Seller Account.

With Amazon making Sellers' addresses public this Septemeber, we've received a lot of questions about using PO Boxes as your seller address.

We recommend you use a UPS Mailbox or a Virtual Office Mailbox over a PO Box for 2 reasons;

  1. Package Limitations: Technically, PO Boxes do not receive packages from UPS or other major shipping companies. This means packages like returns and removals sent to your PO Box might be rejected by your post office.

  2. Document Consistency: If you've recently had your account reviewed or suspended by Amazon, you know that consistency across all of your documents is important when dealing with Amazon Seller Support and Amazon Bots. Most banks, suppliers, and service providers will not allow you to use a PO Box as your official address with them. For example, this means that if Amazon asks you for a bank statement to verify your account information, the address on your bank statement will most likely not match the PO box on your seller account.

So, in short, you can use a PO Box but we do not recommend it.


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