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ALGO Online Retail Winter 2021 Virtual Summit Recap

ALGO Online Retail recently hosted an excellent Winter 2021 virtual summit for their students. The event included many great presentations, conversations, giveaways, and over 350 live attendees. It was amazing to see all of the ALGO students learning from home and growing their Amazon business.

Thank you to all of the presenters and students who attended the virtual summit! Congratulation to the social media giveaway winners! The summit was a great success and we look forward to having another one in the future.

Here is a recap of the ALGO Winter 2021 Virtual Summit...

Day 1

Your Beginner Launch Plan

Bob Schneck and Tim Hellbusch put together a guide for new students to earn their first sale. The presentation reviewed the ALGO business model, discussed how to open accounts with suppliers, analyze products, and win the buy box. The virtual summit addresses Amazon sellers of all different skill levels. Our new students found this presentation extremely helpful.

Core Principles For Business Success

Mark Gonsalves, a principal of the ALGO team, discussed how important it is to have a mentor. He shared experiences from when he worked for Tony Robbins and how much it fueled his growth and business success. Mark also offered how our students can use Bob, Tim, and the ALGO team as mentors to fuel their Amazon business.

Outsource Sourcing

This is something many of our students were asking for! Tim presented on how to use virtual assistants and US-based employees to find suppliers. Virtual assistants are a great way to automate a portion of your Amazon business. However, finding, training, and managing virtual assistants can be difficult, but Tim outlined a plan to do so.

Finding High Quality Suppliers

Bob introduced our brand new ALGO supplier database that has over 2000 suppliers. He performed a live demo of how to use the new supplier database. The database is extremely valuable and can really accelerate growth for your Amazon business.

Increase ROI & Cashflow With Credit Cards

This presentation was a great source of information for sellers looking to increase their return on investment or looking for more capital to buy inventory. Tim addressed the common myths about credit cards, the pros and cons, how their bonuses can be used to benefit your Amazon business, and much more.

Day 2

Maximizing Your Business Write-Offs & Tax Basics

Bud Lethbridge from CorpAdvantage joined the summit to tell our students the importance of setting up a legal entity and the tax benefits that come with it. Bud was on our previous summit and it was great to have him back on to share his expert tax and legal knowledge.

Speed Analysis & Finding Hidden Gems In Supplier Catalogs

Bob walkthroughs the steps of speed analysis and what to do after you conduct the analysis. You should use this strategy to scan daily deal emails & website catalogs’ new arrivals.

Live Supplier Interview with Pete from Source In Bulk

Source In Bulk is an esteemed wholesaler of branded merchandise and a great supplier for Amazon sellers. This portion of the virtual summit was a great opportunity for our students to meet an authorized supplier and ask questions.

The Secret To Exponential Returns With Your Amazon Business

Mark Gonsalves delivered another great presentation about making more money with your money. This presentation highlighted how students can increase their profits and overall business growth by reinvesting their profits.


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