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ALGO Online Retail Scam Report: Amazon Automation Programs

ALGO Online Retail Scam Report: Amazon Automation Programs
ALGO Online Retail Scam Report: Amazon Automation Programs

Many ALGO Members have asked our support team for their opinion on "Amazon Automation" programs. That is why we decided to publish this ALGO Online Retail Scam Report: Amazon Automation Programs.

A simple search of "Amazon Automation" will return many results outlining how these scams work. In this post, we wanted to simplify the Amazon Automation scam and why they are all scams.

What Is Amazon Automation?

Amazon Automation programs are high ticket service products that promise to build a profitable Amazon Store for you for a large upfront fee. Usually, these Automation "Experts" charge $5,000 to $40,000 upfront plus an ongoing fee or revenue share. These fees usually do not include required investments in inventory which could result in a total required investment over $100,000.

Is Amazon Automation A Scam?

We believe that the majority, if not all, of Amazon Automation programs are a scam.

Why Are Amazon Automation Programs A Scam?

If someone could build a profitable business that would return your entire investment inside a year, why would they do it for you and not themselves? If they have a track record, they would be able to get outside funding to grow their own store and wouldn't need you to fund the store nor would they need to give up 100% ownership to you for the funding. If these 'experts' were as skilled as they claim, they would be raising capital, not selling their services for a large upfront fee. At ALGO, we have more capital than we have the time to invest and that is a big reason why we teach others to do what we do (so once they get good, we can invest in/with them).

What Makes ALGO Different Than These Scams?

At ALGO, we don't 1. do the work for you, 2. charge massive upfront fees, or 3. make outrageous promises of massive returns. We do, 1. teach and support business owners building their own Amazon businesses, 2. charge small fees on pay as you go schedules to cover our costs of supporting and training business owners, and 3. provide reasonable growth expectations for those willing to work hard.

In summary, stay away from Amazon Automation programs to avoid losing your money in a scam.


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