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ALGO Online Retail August Virtual Summit Recap

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

ALGO Online Retail and their lead instructor Bob Schneck just hosted a two-day virtual summit on August 2nd & 3rd.

The ALGO Summit was originally supposed to be held at the ASD Tradeshow in Las Vegas, but due to COVID-19, the tradeshow was postponed.

Better safe than sorry!

ALGO still wanted to deliver a great summit for their students, so they prepared to host it virtually and it was a major success.

It was two days full of knowledgable guest speakers and amazing education.

The guest speakers were all experts in their relative fields and provided tremendous value to Amazon sellers. The speakers ranged from e-commerce experts to investors to lawyers and even insurance brokers.

Here is a recap of the Virtual Summit

Day 1

Tim Hellbusch led off with a presentation about setting up for success by surrounding yourself with a mentor, a team, and a strong support system. Tim is also a lead instructor for ALGO Online Retail and has about 20 years of e-commerce experience.

Pato Tellez followed with a great presentation about eliminating competition by creating exclusive accounts with small brands. He dives into how to spot these opportunities, create brand analysis reports, and the types of agreements to make with small brands.

Next was an interview between Bob and ALGO's sister company, AccrueMe™. He spoke with the Co-Founder, Donald Henig, and COO, Sam Kotch, about how AccrueMe™ provides growth capital to Amazon businesses with no interest payments or any loss of ownership. The two AccrueMe™ representatives also spoke on the criteria needed to qualify for investment and run through an example of how the investment works. AccrueMe™ is truly a one of a kind investment solution for Amazon sellers to grow their business.

The following speaker was CJ Rosenbaum, who is the Co-Founder of Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C., the law firm behind He spoke about how to avoid or resolve Amazon suspensions in the current environment with COVID concerns, rampant bot suspensions, and deteriorating.

Shawn Michael of the Amazon FBA Rockstars! Facebook Group took the virtual stage next to discuss how to differentiate yourself from your competition when looking from wholesale supplier accounts.

The last guest speaker of the day was an independent insurance broker, who solely provides insurance for e-commerce sellers. Her name is Ashlin Hadden and she explained many reasons why Amazon sellers need insurance, how it benefits sellers, and all the different types of insurance plans. She is licensed in all 50 states and works very hard to protect e-commerce sellers.

Day 2

Bob Schneck led off the second day of the virtual summit with an update on everything ALGO is doing for their students. It included information on the new tools, software, and the exclusive Sellers Club.

The first guest speaker of the day was Dillon Carter, the Co-Founder of Vendrive and creator of Aura. He talks about finding suppliers, increasing sales, and repricing strategies. Aura is a repricing and revenue analytics software that helps Amazon sellers maximize their sales.

Afterward, Yoni Mazor, Co-Founder of Getida, a global leader in FBA auditing & reimbursement, gave a short presentation about how sellers can get a percentage of their money back through reimbursement claims.

The next speaker was one of ALGO's secret wholesale suppliers, who came on to talk about opening accounts and developing relationships with suppliers.

Mark Gonsalves, another Co-Founder of AccrueMe™, delivered a presentation about the importance of knowing the numbers of your Amazon business and how AccrueMe™ can fuel the growth of those numbers.

The last guest speaker of the Virtual Summit was Bud Lethridge from CorpAdvantage. Many of ALGO's students have used Bud's services to create legal business entities. He reviews the importance and keys to protection and profits. He elaborates on how a seller can earn more money by legally avoiding certain taxation and the power of compounding profits. He also describes the different business entities and the advantages of each one.

A wise man once said, "A penny saved is a penny earned!"

That wise man was Benjamin Franklin.

Bob then wrapped up the virtual summit with a presentation on using virtual assistants (VA) for your Amazon business and the process of finding a quality VA.

The ALGO Online Retail virtual summit was one for the books! It was full of amazing information and education that can take Amazon businesses to the next level.

Thank you to all the guest speakers who came to share their expertise!

Everyone stay safe and hopefully next ALGO Summit, we will see you in Vegas!


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