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You Only Need Two Things To Start An Amazon Business

Updated: May 6, 2019

You Only Need Two Things To Start An Amazon Business
You Only Need Two Things To Start An Amazon Business

In 2018, Amazon accounted for 49% of all online sales and 5% of all US retail sales. That's over $141 billion in product sales and more than 50% of all Amazon sales come from third-party sellers.

To become one of these third-party Amazon sellers you really only need two things...

According to the Amazon website, "Third-party sellers are independent sellers who offer a variety of new, used, refurbished, and collectible merchandise. The steps to place an order with a third-party seller are the same as placing any other order on You add items to your cart, then complete your order through the Amazon checkout process."

These third-party sellers benefit from Amazon's brand, web traffic, credibility, customer support, shipping & warehouse infrastructure, and can even get the little "Prime Badge" on products that they sell. What's even better is that you only need two things to become a Amazon third-party seller and start an Amazon business;

  1. A computer with WiFi and

  2. A credit or debit card

That's it! A computer and a credit card, in addition to some personal information is all you need to open a store on Amazon and have an Amazon business!

We would suggest you take a few more steps to set up you business properly from the start. That includes a business entity, re-seller permit, mastery of a strategy that works, and an Amazon professional account but those things are not required.

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