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What Is Amazon's Inventory Performance Index (IPI)? Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

What Is Amazon's Inventory Performance Index (IPI)? Everything You Need To Know

In October 2019, Amazon announced a promotion to give free inventory removal for all Amazon sellers with an Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score of 350 or above at any point in October 2019. This promotion provides an opportunity for Amazon sellers to improve inventory health before the IPI threshold for storage limits changes to 400 (from 350).

This left some Amazon business owners wondering, What Is Amazon's Inventory Performance Index (IPI) And How Do I Find My Amazon IPI?

Well, Amazon's inventory performance index, or IPI score, combines three months of historical sales, inventory levels, and costs into a single metric. This metric helps you identify how well your inventory is performing in FBA, areas to improve, and determines if you are eligible for unlimited storage.

The biggest factors in IPI are 1. how much extra inventory you have at FBA and 2. How often you run out of stock of products.

Now you are probably wondering, how can I find my Amazon Inventory Performance Index (IPI) Score?

Well, that's easy! You can easily see your IPI Score on the Inventory Performance Dashboard

Now it's time to figure out how to qualify.

Keep on selling.


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