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How Do Product Reviews Impact Your Amazon Business?

Some people believe that if a product has bad reviews than it will not rotate in the buy box. That is not true.

To win the buy box, you need to sell brand new products through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) at the buy box price.

Bad reviews come into play when researching and picking the right products to sell.

You need to take your personal interests out of the equation when researching potential products. A lot of beginners who do not know what to sell often try researching products that they like, their significant other likes, or what their kids like.

Those interests are irrelevant when it comes to making money selling on Amazon.


Because you don’t make money selling to yourself.

It is best to stick to the proven system. Do the analysis with Keepa, calculate the profits, find out a product’s sales velocity, and count how many sellers are rotating between the buy box.

You should look at the reviews after conducting the proper research on a profitable product.

You absolutely need to read the product’s reviews when you are looking to cut down on returns.

What are people saying about the product?

Customers may be returning or complaining about it. Returns are a part of the business, but you don’t want it to be too much.

Certain products have inherently high return rates and that is why you need to check the product reviews after analysis.

If you come across a product with a high return rate, it is best to move on to researching the next product.

Bob Schneck, an experienced amazon seller, plans for about a 3% return rate and reads the reviews within the past year to make an educated decision on a product.

To hear more from Bob about product reviews, click here.


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