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How Do I Get More Reviews on Amazon?

A lot of Amazon sellers wonder how to get more reviews and how they affect their business.

Tim Hellbusch, one of ALGO Online Retail's lead instructors, put together a YouTube video explaining the different types of reviews, how to get more, and why they are important.

First off, the two different types are product reviews and seller reviews.

Product reviews are more important because that is what customers check when making a purchase.

Product reviews are on the same page as the buy box and customers often check the reviews before making their decision. Seller reviews are a few clicks away because Amazon knows that customers care more about product reviews.

The good news is sellers do not need to worry about receiving more product reviews with ALGO Online Retail's business model.

ALGO teaches students how to sell brand name products that already have thousands of reviews.

Amazon sellers do not have to worry about having seller reviews when selling brand name products. A seller can have zero reviews but sell a brand a name product with thousands of reviews and win the buy box.

Then, seller reviews will come organically through sales. Those reviews are almost guaranteed to receive good ratings and feedback because of the brand name.

Other business models like private labeling need to worry about producing new product and seller reviews.

With ALGO's business model, everything is already set up for success.

So, the major takeaway from this blog post... SELL BRAND NAME PRODUCTS!


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