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How Do I Estimate Amazon Sales When An ASIN Has Multiple Variations / SKUs?

Have you ever seen an ASIN with multiple SKUs/variations on Amazon and wondered "How Do I Estimate Amazon Sales When An ASIN Has Multiple Variations / SKUs?"

Well, there is little trick that experienced Amazon business owners use that involves looking at a product's reviews.

But first, let's explain what we mean by multiple SKUs on an ASIN...

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Each product on Amazon has a unique ASIN but sometimes a product might have multiple SKUs under a parent ASIN. An example would be different color (white and red) Nike socks with size variations (small, medium, large) all under a single parent ASIN.

In situations like these, all of the variations in the ASIN usually share a Amazon Best Seller Rank (or BSR). So when you look at one of these ASINs you will see a BSR that will be the BSR for ALL of the variations under the ASIN. When you plug that ASIN into an estimator tool like JungleScout, you will get a monthly sales estimate for all of the variations but you will most likely only be buying one variation from your supplier.

So, how do you know what share of the parent ASIN's estimated sales the variation you are buying from your supplier will sell?

Step 1: Go to the reviews.

Step 2: Sort the reviews by "Most Recent"

Step 3: Manually count how many reviews the variation you want to sell has had in the last 30 days (reviews will usually have the name of the variation under the star rating).

Step 4: Multiply the amount of reviews from Step 3 (above) by 25 to get a conservative estimate of how many sales the variation will sell.

Bonus: You can also use this method to double check free sales estimators like JungleScout, AMZ Scout, or FBA Tool Kit!


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