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Does The Buy Box Rotate Evenly?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Does The Buy Box Rotate Evenly? This is a question that comes up often when sellers are on product listings with multiple sellers following the 3 buy box rules.

Here at ALGO Online Retail, we teach our students how to win the buy box on Amazon using 3 proven rules...

1. Sell Brand New products.

2. Sell Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

3. Match the current buy box price.

It is that simple!

If there are multiple sellers on a listing matching all 3 rules, the buy box WILL rotate evenly on a monthly/yearly basis. This means it will evenly rotate sales amongst all sellers following the 3 rules.

However, the Buy Box does not rotate evenly on a daily or hourly basis which often causes confusion for new sellers. New sellers will often check their Amazon listing(s) multiple times per day and when they don't see the buy box rotating evenly every time they check the listing, they panic.

While there are only 3 criteria for winning the Buy Box, the actual seller that is displayed for a specific shopper on Amazon depends on various factors included in a complex internal algorithm done by Amazon.

Some of the other factors in who wins the buy box at any given time include things like; 1. the seller's product location relative to the customer's location, 2. the seller's inventory status, 3. the seller's use of manufacturer or Amazon barcodes, 4. Current demands on certain FBA warehouses and infrastructure, 5. predicted future demand, 6. cost of shipping for Amazon and estimated delivery times to the customer, 7. if the buyer is prime or not, and more!

For example, the displayed buy box winner for a prime buyer in California is often different than the buy box winner for a non -prime buyer in New York. This is because one seller may have sent all of their products with Amazon barcodes into a CA warehouse and that is who will most likely win the buy box for a Prime Buyer in CA. If there is an FBM seller with a low price, fast shipping, and good reviews, they might win the buy box for a non-prime buyer (especially since right now Amazon is trying to decrease strain on its logistics during Covid).

So, the bottom line is Amazon may not distribute sales evenly over the course of a single day, but they will over the course of the month if you follow the 3 rules.

Amazon's system prioritizes sellers who follow the 3 rules and will move your inventory based on demand. So, if you have a bunch of snow gloves in a Southern California FBA Warehouse, but gloves are selling well in New York, they will transfer some of your inventory to a New York warehouse to get you more sales.

Just follow the 3 rules and don't worry about who you see in the Buy Box every 5 seconds... if you follow the rules, you will get your share!


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