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Amazon Invested $30 Billion Into Third-Party Sellers

Over the past two years, Amazon has invested $30 billion to build capacity, tools, services, and programs for third-party sellers.

In 2019, they created over 150 new tools and services to help with fulfillment and inventory decisions. The tools also include mobile applications and google chrome extension applications that provide automatic repricing, business reports, and data analytics.

Amazon is also adding 33 new fulfillment centers in the United States in 2020. This will provide an extra 35 million cubic feet of storage capacity for products.

Due to COVID-19 and increased customer demand, Amazon hired more than 175,000 employees. They've also invested billions of dollars in COVID-related initiatives to make sure employees are safe and healthy while they pick, pack, and ship sellers' products to customers.

Amazon also reduced their own retail product ordering to accommodate more sellers' products as the holiday season approaches.

Believe it or not, Amazon does care about its Third-Party sellers.

Rightfully so, because Third-Party sellers account for more than 50% of Amazon's sales.

Amazon invites businesses and individuals to sell on its marketplace because it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Selling on Amazon is a great opportunity for people to start their own business, work from anywhere in the world, and earn financial freedom.


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