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What Brands Should I Sell On Amazon?

What Brands Should I Sell On Amazon?

New Amazon business owners often ask, "What Brands Should I Sell On Amazon?"

The answer is simple, you should sell any brand that sells (even if you've never heard of them)!

New business owners often get stuck trying to only sell brands that they've heard of like Nike, Disney, Hot Wheels, etc. What most new business owners forget is that just because they may have never heard of a brand doesn't mean it doesn't sell well.

For example, have you ever heard of the Abu Garcia? No?

Well, Abu Garcia is a fishing company with multiple products selling thousands of units per month on Amazon.

How about That's It!? No?

Well That's It! is a vegan snack brand with multiple products selling thousands of units per month on Amazon.

Brands like Abu Garcia and That's It! are spending a lot of money on marketing and are well know in their niches. That's why they're selling so well on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, these brands usually have less competition than brand like Nike or Disney so it can be more profitable for you!

So the lesson here is that you should not get caught thinking that the only brands selling on Amazon are brands YOU know.

There are millions of products on Amazon that sell really well and just because you've never heard of them doesn't mean they aren't well known brands or don't sell.

If you or a family member fish or eat vegan, then you might not no the brands above. If not, you wouldn't know these brands but you can still sell a lot of them to all the vegans and fishermen out there!

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