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Guide To Selecting Products To Sell on Amazon

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Guide To Selecting Products To Sell on Amazon
Guide To Selecting Products Sell on Amazon

There are a lot of "experts" telling people like you how to select products to sell on Amazon and most of them have no idea what they're talking about! That's why we put together this simple Guide To Selecting Products To Sell on Amazon.

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”

Below, we are going to explain the 4 simple steps to Selecting Products Sell on Amazon. If you answer YES! to all of these questions, then you should sell the product on Amazon... it's that simple!

1. Can you buy the product? - The best way to find products is to get lists of products from authorized US suppliers. There are thousands of suppliers in the US and they are always looking for new customers like you.

2. Is the product already selling? - On Amazon, people mostly shop to find brand name products like Nike, Tide, and Dell. In most cases, the brands themselves are not selling the products and they instead rely on Amazon 3rd party sellers like us to sell their products for them. These brands spend millions on marketing so we don't have to spend any money to market the products. Using some simple tools (like Jungle Scout) and math you can determine exactly how much a certain product sells, what you competition is, and determine if that product would be a good one to sell. We suggest being able to sell-out of your product in 30-60 days.

3. Would you be profitable selling the product? - These is no point in selling a product that you can't make money with. You need to consider you product cost, shipping fees, and Amazon fees to determine if you can make a profit with a certain product. With simple tools and math, you can do this all before you place an order with your supplier so you will know your profit before you spend any money. We suggest shooting for a 10-100% profit.

4. Can you sell the product? - As a 3rd party Amazon seller, you can sell almost any name brand product on Amazon as long as you are buying from Authorized US-based suppliers. You might need to get "Ungated" for a particular brand but as long as you are buying from an authorized supplier, the ungating process is pretty simple. These are also some other specific things you need to watch out for like "category-ungating", restricted/hazardous products, and directly competing with Amazon or the brand itself.

So, if you answer YES! to these four questions you can and should be selling that product on Amazon... it's that simple!

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